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History of Courier Services in the US

A courier is one who delivers mail, packages or message. It is a broad term with different sectors but the evolution of courier’s is vast. The courier industry has held a very special and important part in Americas history and has actually been incorporated in many pivotal moments. Since 1852, Wells Fargo became a league and rapidly popular package delivery company. Wells Fargo delivered packages, gold and other essential items across the West. This made a Wells Fargo office necessary for any settlement looking for commerce & connections to home. Shortly after Wells Fargo, Pony Express developed to even more quickly get packages across the country. There was a need and demand to have quicker deliveries and the industry began to grow.

In today’s time, the courier industry has grown to around a $59 million industry. Major companies such as DHL, Fedex & UPS hold a very large portion of this. As the domestic and international delivery system has grown, smaller operations have formed into local business’s with safer, higher quality and quicker deliveries.

Brattle Courier is a leading local courier company that works within the greater Boston area and beyond. It is fun looking at the courier, and we look forward to see where it is in another 100 of 200 years.

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