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How to Choose Your Delivery Service?

When someone thinks of delivery and shipping, people often think of companies like FedEx and UPS. The truth is that there are a range of different delivery companies that specialize in each person’s needs. To get the best services possible, you need to understand these different types of services.

Freight Deliveries 

Freight Deliveries are perfect if you are looking for extra sized and heavy deliveries in large companies. More often than not, these deliveries are best for companies in need of bulk deliveries. The freight deliveries are often moved onto pallets for convenience.

Special Deliveries

These deliveries are for unique items such as flowers, or private legal documents, or even hazardous materials. Sensitive and important items that don’t fit in a box are in need of specialty deliveries. At Brattle Courier, we provided these delivery services that are unique and that need special care.


Most Couriers operate within a general local area. Courier services are for fast, same day deliveries for any sized package. Brattle Courier provides their courier services within the Greater Boston Area and beyond. We are different from your general delivery companies because we are much faster and more secure. We make the delivery personal and you will not have to worry about a lost, broken or late package.

For further information about any of Brattle Couriers delivery services, please feel free to give us a call at 617-547-7900.

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