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How To Correctly Pack A Package

One of the best ways to ensure that your package makes it to its final destination unscathed or unharmed is to pack them correctly. Many people pack their gifts or items incorrectly. Learning how to pack to your package correctly is best for you, your recipient and your courier.

Below are a few helpful tips to keep in mind, next time you package something:

Gather Items!

Before you start cramming items into boxes, be sure you have enough:

  • Boxes
  • Package Tape
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Permanent Market
  • Foam Packaging Peanuts
  • Pair of Scissors

If you need to, you can substitute bubble wrap and packing peanuts with recycled newspaper.

Now Get Organized!

Now that you have all the items you need, you can get started. Instead of packing items with no regard for organization, try putting items together that make sense. If you have fragile items, put them in their own box and label the box, “fragile”. You can also group together rectangular shaped items and oddly-shaped items separate from each other. Also, be sure to wrap up items individually.

Weigh it Down! 

When packing heavy and light items together, be sure to place the heavier package on the bottom of the package, so it doesn’t damage any of the other items.

Packaging rules are different and unique when using a professional courier. Luckily the entire process is easier and more convenient for you. For more information, please feel free to give us a call at 617-547-7900.



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