Medical Deliveries
The Leading Package Delivery Provider in Metro Boston & Beyond

Brattle Courier delivers medical supplies to all of the Hospitals and Labs in the Greater Boston, MA area. All of our Brattle Courier’s  are trained in Pathogen 2000 transportation of lab materials and will make sure all medical specimens get to their location safely and timely. We pride ourselves on our friendly and quick service by keeping our small town values while working in a city. Brattle Courier understand the urgency of delivering specimens in the medical industry so we work very hard to meet the expectations of our customers.

With Hospitals facing rising expenses and more budget cuts, they need to save money in as many places as possible. Many people in the healthcare industry are finding out that outsourcing their transportation can help control expenses and free up time for hospitals to focus more time and energy on the patients. Our delivery service understands the importance and urgency of making your delivery on time because it could mean life or death for a patient.

Brattle Courier has been working in Cambridge and the Metro Boston area for over 25 years making medical deliveries to the local hospitals. We have rooted ourselves in the community and are proud to be a part of such a diverse community as Cambridge. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to open up an account! 617-547-7900